Pomegranates and Poetry… the Perfect Pair.

I love pomegranates.

Although they somehow only find their way into my grocery cart around Christmas time, I love these fantastic fruits.

Once you cut through the unassuming crimson exterior, the interior is made of pockets of little juicy seeds that burst in your mouth, surprising sweets or sours.

However strange the connection may seem, the pomegranate has long been a metaphor for my own writing.

I want what I write to be surprising, little bursts of honesty no matter whether they are bitter or joyful.

I want there to always be more to my poetry than what’s on the surface–more to discover within its lines.


So, what is it about seeds?

A seed harbors the potential for new life, for something to come forth new and inspired.

Every creative effort needs inspiration, so here’s to the seeds that plant creative energy in my life.

This blog is dedicated to the poets and forces in the literary world that inspire me.

The seeds that continue to nurture my own poetic attempts.

Come, share your inspiration with me.

May this be a little arbor for our own pomegranate trees.


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