For Writers on the Busy Weeks

This week was exhausting, plain and simple.
I had commitments every night this week, a 10-page paper due on Thursday, and I’m currently committed to three part-time jobs. On top of all of that, I came down with a pretty bad cold this week that cut my motivation down to about zero.
And I didn’t write much.

Writing in my mind has often been an act tacked onto my day, an additional activity to which I give the last energy of my day.
I know. That’s bad writerly habit, but here’s to a little honest confession.

On weeks like these, it’s hard to make that time when I don’t have that last bit of energy.
I know that this blog is generally committed to the works that inspire us to write, but let’s dedicate this post to things that inspire us to write when we don’t want to.
So, here’s to a little bit of preaching to myself. Here’s my list of ways to write when you’re out of time, energy, or desire to write. May this be as helpful to you as I hope it is to me.

1. Read a poem by a poet you really respect.
2. Read a couple of pages of the novel you’re currently reading.
3. Carry a notebook in your purse or pocket and write down a couple of ideas throughout the day.
4. Listen to a poet read a poem on Youtube.
5. If you’re one of those people who enjoys slam poetry like I do, watch a slam poem.
This is one of my favorites:

6. Have a conversation with someone about writing. Talk about why you like it, what it does for you as a person. Those sorts of conversations inspire you to keep it up.
7. Do something else. Ride your bike, do yoga, watch an artistic movie. Sometimes you need an activity that won’t cause mental stress but will still inspire.
8. Make yourself write a couplet. Just a couplet.
9. Forgive yourself if you miss a day. Guilt about writing never produced good writing.
10. Call someone you love. Sometimes genuine human interaction can give you the fodder to write something worthwhile.

Here’s to you, you busy writers of the blogosphere.
Write on.

Abigail Joy